Changing Your Appearance With A Beam Of Light

Consumers spend millions of dollars each year on products in the hopes of turning back the clock. For these consumers, appearance counts. A growing number of men and women concerned with “baggy” eyelids, sun damaged skin, wrinkles and the march of time on their faces, neck, chest, and hands – seek definitive, clinical results without having to undergo drastic, conventional plastic surgery.

“Laser technology is the perfect choice for men and women who want to look their best but feel a traditional facelift is too drastic. With lasers I precisely remove eyelid bags, puffiness, excess skin, facial wrinkles, age spots and sun damaged skin in a matter of moments and often without a skin incision.”


Laser Cosmetic Surgery vs Conventional Scalpel

Conventional scalpel cosmetic surgery was fine when that was all that medicine had to offer. But with today’s laser technology it has become outdated. This is because traditional cosmetic surgery requires the use of a scalpel to cut the skin and tissue and a cautery to control the subsequent bleeding. This method produces tissue damage that causes swelling, discomfort and black and blue bruising which can last for several weeks.

In contrast, laser cosmetic surgery uses a tiny laser beam of energy that immediately seals the blood vessels and tighten the skin at the same time. The result is significantly less postoperative swelling and minimal, if any at all, bruising. Patients heal quickly and are amazed at how pain-free and comfortable they feel. Depending on the procedure, patients can apply make-up within 24 hours and go about their business. Patients are usually able to resume their normal activities the next day.

“In today’s busy society, time is one of our most precious commodities. Laser cosmetic surgery produces maximal results with minimal recovery time. This is what makes laser cosmetic surgery today’s choice.” ~ Dr. Conn

Laser Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery After only 24 Hours

Before and After 24 Hours: Within twenty-four hours people are able to function, apply makeup and return to work. Bruising is usually minimal or nonexistent.

Repair of Hereditary Droopy Left Eyelid: Laser Cosmetic surgery can also be used to correct congenital defects. After only 24 hours, notice the absence of bruising and swelling.

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