FAQs – Laser Eyelid Surgery

Is the surgery performed in the office or a hospital operating room?

We perform the procedures in our office operating room with local anesthesia and a mild oral sedative. The patients are awake and can see the results immediately. We do ask you to have a driver take you home. You are able to drive yourself to the office the following day for your postoperative exam.

How long does the procedure last?

In most cases laser cosmetic blepharoplasty will generally last for 12 to 15 years.

Will it hurt?

We want our patients to have a good experience and excellent results. Dr. Conn will always make sure that you are comfortable.

Should I wait until I lose weight or until my eye bags are really large?

The time for you to consider eyelid surgery is when you look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see. Losing additional weight or waiting until the bags worsen with age is not relevant to this procedure and does not make any difference. It is important for you to have a consultation with Dr. Conn and let him discuss the options with you. Dr. Conn is well-known for telling people truthfully what is best for them and this includes letting them know if they are not good candidates for available procedures.

Does Dr. Conn perform his own surgery or does another doctor do it?

Dr. Conn operates four days a week; you will be entirely in his hands from start to finish. He will call you the evening of your surgery to check in with you and see you the next morning. Our entire staff is here to serve you.